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Rodgers Reflects On Philbin’s Influence

September 19, 2012

As noted earlier this week, it can be difficult to quantify the influence an individual coach has on a particular team. Quarterback Aaron Rodgers, however, touched on the influence former offensive coordinator Joe Philbin made on him during their shared time in Green Bay.

Making his weekly radio appearance on ESPN Milwaukee, Rodgers talked about controlling his emotions on the field, and in doing so, praised Joe Philbin.

“I think I have (gotten better) and I give credit to Joe Philbin for that,” Rodgers told Jason Wilde of ESPN Milwaukee. “I always appreciated that about Joe. It was always more than just the game to him; it was how you conduct yourself.

“You saw a lot of that on Hard Knocks (on HBO). He cares as much about the kind of man that you are than the kind of teammate that you are, and I’ve always appreciated that about him and enjoyed our conversations together, and enjoyed getting the chance to talk about ways to be a better professional.”

Aaron Rodgers’ emotions were in full view last week when he chided receiver James Jones after an interception in the fourth quarter of the team’s victory over the Chicago Bears. Rodgers has since apologized to Jones and praised the receiver for handling the situation so well.

While it is still difficult to determine the influence a coach has on a team, the reigning MVP’s words will have to stand on their own.

“Joe’s a great guy, an incredible coach and teacher.”

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